Our Process


Our process is designed to match you with candidates hand-picked with your family and household in mind. After getting to know a little more about you, we will craft a detailed job description and reach out to our personal referral networks.

Candidates successfully complete a face-to-face screening interview before they are given access to our full application. Our initial candidate screening includes a 17-point attitude, communication, experience, and personality assessment. When we are impressed by the work ethic, background, and communication style of a candidate, we begin checking their references, carefully screening their social media and Internet presence, and vetting them for particular jobs. Each candidate goes through at least two in-depth interviews with different members of our staff before being presented to a family. Less than 5% of applicants reach the family interview stage. By limiting our searches to the best of the best, every family can be assured that the candidates they are introduced to are well-qualified, experienced professionals who have met or exceeded our high expectations.


Each candidate you meet will have:
- a professional cover letter written specifically to your family
- detailed reference check reports written by members of our staff
- a clean Internet screening (we screen for inappropriate language, 'partying' photos, hate speech, attitude, excellent judgment, discretion, general demeanor and professionalism)
- successfully completed a minimum of two face-to-face interviews with our recruitment team
- met or exceeded the base requirements for your position
- been personally filled in on your family's specific needs and desires and hand-selected by your dedicated Placement Counselor

After we have introduced you to candidates, we will assist you in scheduling interviews and paid trials, and provide you with tips and guidelines to make sure you will be able to make a confident hiring decision.

After you have selected the perfect candidate for your household, we will assist in creating an employment agreement and facilitating any logistics that need to be sorted out prior to their first day of work with your family.  We can also provide information on employee payroll and tax withholding, state and federal laws regarding domestic employees, and relocation assistance for your chosen candidate.

After your new employee starts, we will stay in touch with both parties to provide training and support guidelines, advice on weekly check-ins, guidance through difficult conversations, and support on giving employee reviews.

Should things not work out, our replacement policy covers families and employers for lengths from 90 to 120 days depending on the service level you select at the beginning of your search.

Our fees for permanent placements are 18-20% of the candidate's gross annual salary, depending on the service level you select. Our fees for temporary and part-time placements are 30% of the candidate's gross total salary.